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About Us

About Us

McDonough's Tree Service is family owned and operated. We have been in the tree business for over 20 years and practice a holistic approach to tree care, using techniques and knowledge that places us in the forefront of tree health management.

We are fully insured and have the experience and equipment to handle all your tree care needs. We serve the many communities in and near the Philadelphia area and work year-round in the tree service industry. We provide 24/7 emergency storm service and specializes in general tree care for residential, commercial and municipal customers.

We understand the value of the urban forest and its role in our local and regional ecosystems. We believe that there are significant economic savings intrinsic in preventing tree problems and that this prevention will help to establish a sustainable urban tree cover. We are dedicated to employing sustainable arbor practices while providing superior customer service and can quickly get your home safe from hazardous trees or if you are not satisfied with your your current outdoor settings, help you find the peace and tranquility you deserve at your home or business.

Why Hire Us?

Our skilled staff take special care and precaution to ensure that no unnecessary damage is done to the surrounding area. During our initial visit to your work site we take note of any access problems that be present. Power lines, building structures or other obstacles can require the use of our specialized equipment. We use latest tools and techniques for performing tree work to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.

There are times when it becomes necessary to remove a tree. It may have been assessed and deemed high risk, its roots may be causing damage that root pruning will not alleviate or it just might be standing in the middle of where the new addition is going. Whichever the case our company has the skills to de-engineer even the most challenging trees safely and efficiently. Because of our extensive experience we are able to easily customize a removal project to suit our client’s situation. Contact us today and we will help you create the correct action plan for your project

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